Made in the USA, Trusted Worldwide and Since 1921 the Standard for Aluminum Tuning Forks

We Think of Our Company as 108 Years Young

While such a statement sounds a bit unusual, we know that our founder, George Fabyan, would be very pleased by it.  As a barrier-shattering businessman in every sense, his extraordinary and remarkably successful life never stopped pushing limits.  Among his many accomplishments was establishing what is considered the first private research laboratory anywhere and, at the time, the world’s most advanced acoustical test chamber.

Mr. Fabyan, perhaps best known by his honorary title of “Colonel”, was also recognized for extraordinary service to his government and its military and for pioneering modern cryptography; credit for that by no less than the National Security Agency (NSA).  Along the way, The Colonel built a financial empire and at its foundation was Riverbank Laboratories, founded in 1913. His was a lifelong passion for acoustics, and since 1921 is best showcased by the production of what for nearly a century has been the gold standard of aluminum tuning forks.

A Commitment to Quality and Unsurpassed Innovation.
Our facility is US FDA registered with manufacturing processes that set a truly higher standard. Once used primarily by musicians, tuning forks are found today in medicine and alternative medicine for diagnostics for healing and therapy; in research and academic settings for experiments and teaching; in law enforcement for speed calibrations, and still trusted by the most demanding musicians in the world over.  We manufacture products of the highest quality without compromise, keeping faith in our founder’s vision to discover new applications, new benefits, and new markets.

Different in the right ways, for the right reasons.

Holding fiercely to an ideal that binds the present and the future to the past, since 1921 no shortcuts – ever.  Riverbank tuning forks are manufactured to exacting standards using the finest corrosion and rust resistant aerospace-grade non-magnetic aluminum. Time-tested products that perform tirelessly, flawlessly and, with proper care, look bright and clean after years of service. Our success over the years predictably met with a procession of eager imitators around the world willing to cut corners.  We never have, never will and guarantee our tuning forks for life against manufacturing defects.

Made to your specifications not our convenience.
Our tuning forks are precision crafted to meet your needs, for any frequency from 30 Hz. To 6000 Hz.  Riverbank Laboratories will never substitute inferior, cheaper materials, use machinery that’s not quite precise enough, eliminate quality checks or seek out ways to automate time-honored best practices. We deliver a product that is the finest in the world, by staunchly refusing to cut corners and sacrifice quality to save on labor and materials. It’s not our way.

Aluminum tuning forks manufactured as we always have from where it all began in Geneva, Illinois back in 1913.

Over a century later, we know The Colonel would approve.