Consistent Performance


Trusted by Neurologists and Audiologists throughout the world, Riverbank Laboratories aluminum tuning forks are the choice of leading practitioners for many reasons, but one stands above them all.  Beyond superior quality is the confidence of knowing they will deliver a lifetime of accurate and dependable performance unsurpassed in the industry.
Our Class A2 and Class A3 tuning forks may be private-labeled with customer-supplied labels, distributor names, logos and more.

A3 Tuning Forks
Weighted and Unweighted
30 Hz to 6000 Hz

A2 Variable Tuning Fork

Removable weights; 165
and 256 Hz (unweighted)

2 in 1s_resized

2 in 1 Combo Tuning Fork
128 or 256 Hz with Taylor-
type reflex hammer

zipper case set_resized

Medical Set of 6
In a convenient Zippered
Case for travel and storage

C128 2 - Featured

A2 Tuning Forks
Weighted and Unweighted

128 Hz to 4096 Hz

Dr. Peter J. Dyck at Mayo Clinic recommends the A2 tuning fork for his own neurology practice use and has recommended its use for several large scale international studies assessing various therapies in peripheral neuropathy.  Dr. Dyck is an expert in peripheral neuropathy.