Calibration at a Higher Standard


Radar Speed Guns – whether used by law enforcement around the world for superior traffic control, or by athletic coaches, trainers and teams that need conclusively precise performance measurement, count on Riverbank Laboratories aluminum tuning forks.

We’re the choice of leading manufacturers and distributors for many reasons, but beyond superior quality, is confidence in years of accurate, dependable performance that is the envy of the industry. We manufacture tuning forks to calibrate any radar speed gun in the K, KA and X bands.

Tuning Forks for speed calibration guns are made with the highest-quality corrosion and rust resistant aerospace-grade, non-magnetic aluminum to your specifications. Radar tuning forks are available in our Class A3 size (3/8” x 1″) (1cm x 2.5cm) or in a thin model (3/16″ x 1″) (.5cm x 2.5 cm).

Customize Your Tuning Forks

Specify frequency, Band, MPH or KPH. These details can be stamped on the tuning fork.  Optional serial number stamping enables efficient management and tracking. Thin forks can be ordered with a hole in the handle end for attaching a chain or cord.

Calibration Favorites include:

A3 Tuning Forks 
30 Hz to 6000 Hz. 

Specify Band, frequency, 
MPH or KPH, serial number

Thin Tuning Forks
Without a handle, 700 to
6000 Hz. Specify Band,
frequency, MPH or KPH,
serial number sequence